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If you want a home-based business, you might think you’ve a wide choice: The ads and web sites for these businesses are everywhere on the Internet. And you’ve probably noticed that many of them promise incredible benefits – wealth, success, happiness – without you having to do much to earn it.

But how do you make money without working for it? This doesn’t make sense…

I’m tired of these Internet fraudsters trying to sell their poor quality get-rich-quick schemes. What I’m offering you instead is an authentic home-based business opportunity. And to prove it’s genuine, I must be clear that if you’re interested in my business, you’re going to have to put in some work.

Hi. We’re Sue and Jerry Smart and we don’t apologize for referring to work. It’s a simple fact, contrary to what some web sites would have you believe, that if you want to run a successful home-based business, you’re going to have to work at it. Not that I’m suggesting you need to devote every hour in the day to the task. I make a great living by averaging twenty hours a week, and this way I’ve enough time to appreciate the really important things in life.


The work you’ll have to do
The type of work I’m talking about involves three things: Planning, organizing and doing. Every one of you will already do these at home and work. You plan something; you organize how you’re going to go about it; and you do it. Very often, you’ll follow this pattern of planning, organizing and doing without even thinking about it.

With my home-based business, you plan, organize and do. And when you make a profit, you keep every dollar because you’re not working to make someone else rich. You’re working as a business owner on behalf of yourself and your family.

Running your own business doesn’t mean you’re alone
This is one of the fears people have about starting their own business. They worry they won’t have help and support. And they’re right to worry if they opt for one of the many home-based scams that are on the Internet. With my home-based business, however, I act as your mentor and help you all the way. I also put you in touch with other experienced home-based business people who are eager for you to make money because if you succeed, we all succeed. This is one of the cornerstones of my business model.